Bartending 101

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3 Fundamentals That Will Change Your Game

The basics are easy to forget, but they are important.    

  1. Measure Accurately - Make consistent tasting cocktails 
  2. Ice Appropriately - Does not over dilute you drink 
  3. Garnish Effectively - This small addition will have a huge impact

How to Use a Jigger

Brandon "B" will show you what Jigger to use and why it is important to measure our cocktails.

Glassware & Cocktail Builds

Confused on what glassware to use? B will help you through the process.

How We Taste

Brandon "B" gives us some insight into the importance of a well-balanced cocktail.  Having the right amount of sweet, sour and bitters is key to understanding why B Friendly Old Fashioned Mixes blend well with many spirits.

How to Juice

How to find and use the best juice to make a quality cocktail.

How to Express an Orange

B walks you through how easy it is to express an orange and explains how it enhances your drink.

How James Bond Ruined the Martini

Brandon "B" will teach when to shake and when to stir.

And why James Bond asked for his martini to be shaken and not stirred.